Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Reinvigorating Our NAMIWalks Spirit

We at NAMIWalks are excited that we are feeling the crisp chill of fall weather and it is helping to reinvigorate our NAMIWalks spirit!

Remember that feeling you got the morning of your walk? That feeling that you are a part of something larger than yourself… that you are helping to stomp out the stigma of mental illness and that you are raising much needed funds for your local community? The feeling that you are not alone, but instead you are a part of a larger nation-wide movement helping to “change minds… one step at a time”? Think on that feeling and remember that you are still a part of this NAMI movement whether or not your walk day has passed. Even if your walk day has passed- WE STILL NEED YOU. 

Please send out one more email to your friends and family asking for a donation-walker pages are open to donations for 60 days after your walk. We want to raise awareness for mental illness not just the day of your walk, but have a presence in every community, around the country, year-round. The more awareness 
we raise, the more stigma we stomp.

Please help us keep the NAMIWalks Spirit going! 

Congratulations to all our AMAZING Fall Walks who definitely have the NAMIWalk Spirit!

NAMI Valley Walk- Arizona
NAMI Kern County- California
NAMI Los Angeles County- California
NAMI Orange County- California
NAMI Riverside- California
NAMI Georgia
NAMI Waycross- Georgia
NAMI Rome- Georgia
NAMI Hawaii
NAMI Greater Mississippi Valley- Iowa
NAMI Boise- Idaho
NAMI Greater Chicago- Illinois
NAMI North Suburban Cook County- Illinois
NAMI Lexington- Kentucky
NAMI Acadiana- Louisiana
NAMI New Orleans- Louisiana
NAMI Michigan
NAMI Minnesota
NAMI St. Cloud- Minnesota
NAMI Montana
NAMI New Hampshire
NAMI Butler County- Ohio
NAMI Greater Cleveland- Ohio
NAMI Mahoning Valley- Ohio
NAMI Summit County- Ohio
NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania
NAMI Rhode Island
NAMI Beaufort County- South Carolina
NAMI Austin- Texas
NAMI Tarrant County- Texas
NAMI San Antonio- Texas
NAMI Virginia
NAMI Northern Virginia
NAMI Vermont
NAMI Waukesha- Wisconsin
NAMI Dane County- Wisconsin
NAMI Fox Valley- Wisconsin
NAMI Brown County- Wisconsin

To see a list of all of our Walks, go to 

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