Monday, March 18, 2013

Why Do We Walk?

Why do we walk? Why is it important for us to walk? We must keep asking ourselves these questions, because the answers will keep us motivated during the 2013 Walk season.

Some of us walk because we are successfully living in recovery and we want others to have the same opportunity, to live prosperous and happy lives while managing their mental illness. We know the positive impact NAMI’s programs and services have had on our road to recovery and we want others to have the same positive experiences. Some of us walk to support people who have not or may not ever achieve recovery, but push onward and live with persistent mental illness every day.

Some of us walk because we have loved ones who live in recovery and we know how important it is for both them and us to have access to NAMI’s crucial programs and services. We know how we benefited from programs and services like Family-to-Family and NAMI Family Support Groups and we know others can also improve their lives by attending these and NAMI’s other exceptional programs. We know that through our participation in the Walk, these programs will continue to be available for those family members and friends who are dealing with similar situations that we face every day.

We know that if we don’t walk, NAMI won’t have the funds to maintain its current education programs and support groups and continue to explore new and innovative ways to help individuals living with mental illness and their loved ones. We know how important NAMI is in our communities and without the funds and awareness we raise through the Walk, NAMI will be unable to support the thousands of individuals they touch every day, like my loved ones and me. 
Although the Walk is a FUN event, it’s also the lifeline to keep NAMI afloat and capable of improving lives and ending the stigma around mental illness. Remember not only why we walk, but why YOU walk.

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