Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's a Team Captain Kick-Off Luncheon?

This is the time of year when the Fall NAMIWalk Sites begin hosting their Team Captain Kick-Off Luncheons (KOL). The KOL is the second event that leads up to Walk Day (the first event being the Walk Information Meeting – WIM). The WIM is the kick-off for the Walk Season – a recap of the previous year’s Walk, the announcement of the current year’s goals and how the funds from the Walk will be used. The KOL is training for Team Captains.

KOLs are for current and past Team Captains, as well as individuals who are interested in becoming a Team Captain. During the 90 minute training, attendees learn how to become team leaders. We provide them with information and materials needed to build successful teams and achieve their $1,000 fundraising goals.

NAMIWalks has devised a fundraising formula so all teams are able to raise $1,000. This is how we break it down – 1 team with 10 members, each member raising $100, so the team collectively raises $1,000. It’s that easy!

During KOLs we discuss multiple ways teams can raise funds – from the traditional face-to-face ask to using online social networks and hosting small fundraising events. We make the discussion interactive by having the attendees share their ideas and experiences. We create an environment where everyone learns from each other! We have many creative Team Captains who have done an excellent job at finding unique and interesting ways to raise funds and they love to share their tactics.

Although this is a training and everyone who attends should be ready to learn, KOLs are also about having FUN. Learning should be enjoyable, so we make sure to add some excitement to the events. Some KOLs have a theme, such as a movie premiere or a luau (don’t be surprised to see people dressed in costumes based on the theme), while others will incorporate a game or trivia with the winners receiving prizes, and some will incorporate both! So, be ready to enjoy the event!

If you think you’re ready to become a Team Captain, contact your local Walk Manager to register for the upcoming KOL in your area!

Top picture of NAMI Westchester's KOL and bottom picture of NAMI New Jersey's KOL.


  1. I'm in Virginia, and we're having our KOL on Wednesday (I'm actually speaking at it--eek!). I think this will be the 3rd one I've been to in my 7 years of Walking.

    Keep up the great work, I just discovered this blog from the NAMIWalks main webpage--it's a hidden gem! :)


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