Thursday, February 13, 2014

What’s a Walk Recognition Information Meeting (RIM)?

Since the inception of the NAMIWalks model, each NAMIWalk has included 4 events – Walk Information Meeting (WIM), Team Captain Kick-Off Luncheon (KOL), Walk Day, and Post/Thank You Event. Over the course of the years, some of our Walk locations have combined their WIMs and the Post/Thank You Events, so we, the National Walk Team, decided to give this combined event a name (Walk Recognition Information Meeting – RIM) and make it part of our model. Now, all of our Walk locations have the opportunity to host 3 events instead of the traditional 4 events.

The Walk Recognition Information Meeting officially closes the current Walk Season and opens the new Walk Season! The Walk Manager will recap the success of the current Walk Season – he/she will discuss how much was raised, how the funds were used, recognize Walk Sponsors, and present awards to top walkers and Walk Team Captains. 

After wrapping up the current Walk Season, he/she will officially open the new Walk Season! The person will announce the date/location of the Walk, event goal(s), anything new they are planning for the event (a theme, entertainment, etc.), sponsors that have already committed to supporting the Walk, and information about sponsoring and/or volunteering for the event. 

This is a FUN event for the community that includes light fare and drinks! Volunteer sign-up sheets and sponsorship brochures are distributed at the event. Computers are set up, so people can register to lead a Walk Team, register as an individual walker, and/or make a donation.   

So, if you receive an invitation to a Walk Recognition Information Meeting, you now know what it is and what to expect when you attend!

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