Friday, August 9, 2013

Using Your Talents to Raise Funds for NAMIWalks!

As a National Walk Manager I have the great opportunity to travel around the country and attend many NAMIWalk events. While at an event I take the time to meet some of our Team Captains and walkers. I enjoy learning about why they participate in the NAMIWalks program and the tactics they are using to get people to join their Walk Teams and to raise funds. I recently attended the NAMIWalk New Hampshire’s Team Captain Kick-Off Luncheon and I met a young girl, Kelsey, who is using her talents to raise money for the 2013 NAMIWalk.

Kelsey is walking in honor of a family member who is living with mental illness. Wanting to support her loved one and raise money for NAMI New Hampshire, Kelsey decided to use an “out of the box” tactic to raise funds. She, along with the help from her parents, is making crafts and selling them in local businesses and at community events. Her items range from purses and tissue pack holders to hair barrettes and wallets. She has something for everyone! She has kept her prices low; they range from $.50 to $2.00, so everybody can afford one of her FUN homemade pieces. I can't wait to use the bookmark I bought from her!

So far she has raised almost $200 through her sales and she’s still going strong!  Her goal is to raise $500, which I’m sure she will hit!

We all have talents we can use to raise funds toward our NAMIWalk efforts. What do you enjoy doing that you think could make a great way to raise money…baking, car detailing, babysitting? The ideas are limitless! Start using your talents today to raise funds for NAMIWalks!!!

Happy Fundraising!

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