Friday, August 2, 2013

What’s a Super Team?

Some people participate in a NAMIWalk as an individual walker, but most people get involved because they’ve been asked to join a team. A team can vary in size, but we at NAMIWalks like to work on averages. We suggest that teams include 10 people and set a goal of raising of $1,000. We break it down this way – 1 team with 10 people, each person raising $100, so the team raises $1,000. Having a group of people working together makes it easier for a team to reach its goal. Actually, most teams raise far more than a $1,000 because of the dedication of its members!

Teams provide the opportunity for walkers to work together and achieve a goal. Many Walk teams like to get creative by designing t-shirts and signs, as well as hosting special events such as guest-bartending nights or car washes. Money raised through the special events support the team’s fundraising efforts.

In addition to regular teams, Super Teams are also part of the NAMIWalks program. A Super Team is an umbrella for a collection of regular NAMIWalk teams that are all affiliated with one large company/organization (100+ employees/volunteers/walkers). The walkers are broken into the typical NAMIWalk teams which are smaller and more manageable than having all the walkers on one very large team. Registering as a Super Team allows a company/organization track its total teams, walkers and dollars. Having multiple teams under a Super Team umbrella also provides the opportunity for friendly competition between the internal teams.

For example, General Hospital is a large health care provider; it will register as a Super Team. The hospitals' departments will register as regular teams under the General Hospital Super Team -- so there could be a GH Nursing Team, GH HR Team, GH Marketing Team, GH Accounting Team, GH Development Team, etc. It's that easy!

Contact your local Walk Manager if your company/organization is interested in learning more about forming a Super Team. A Super Team goal has to be at least $20,000!

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