Thursday, April 11, 2013

Host a Virtual NAMIWalk!

We understand that some of you, our NAMI supporters, don't live close to an actual NAMIWalk and it can be difficult for you to participate in the event. However, we have now made it possible for you to participate!!! We know how important NAMI is to you and your community and how you want to help raise funds to support our crucial programs and services. Now, you can by becoming a NAMIWalk virtual walker and/or team!

To participate as a virtual walker and/or team, find the closest NAMIWalk to you on the NAMIWalks’ website and simply register for that Walk. After you register you can start asking family, friends, colleagues to join your team and/or to support your virtual walk efforts.  

NAMI affiliates can also participate in the virtual walk and raise funds to benefit their programs and services! To get started, an affiliate leader needs to contact the Walk Manager of the closest NAMIWalks franchise holder and register as an affiliate participant. Once registered as an official affiliate participant, the affiliate can create a team page and have its members join the team and create personal walker pages on the NAMIWalks’ website. Official virtual affiliate participants receive 50% of the funds they collect through the program, while the NAMIWalks franchise holder keeps the remaining 50% to cover administrative fees.

Even though you might not be participating in the Walk like a traditional participant, your dedication to the event is just as important! Like actual walkers and team captains, you’re also spreading awareness about NAMI each time you ask a family and friend to virtually walk on your team or to make a contribution toward your Walk efforts. Plus the money you raise will ensure NAMI has the necessary funds to host the crucial programs and services we provide in your local community.

Although the virtual participants might not be attending the actual NAMIWalk that doesn’t mean you and your team members can’t get together and celebrate your hard work of raising funds and spreading awareness. Virtual teams and walkers can decide to meet at a designated park and walk, host a party or a picnic, etc. Think of something FUN for the group to do to celebrate!!!

Don’t let boundaries hold you back from raising awareness and funds for your NAMI, become a virtual walker today!   

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