Friday, April 5, 2013

"Out of the Box" Ways to FUNdraise!

We want you to have FUN while FUNdraising for NAMIWalks! Of course you will want to ask your family, friends and colleagues to support you through traditional methods – face-to-face, over the phone or online social networks, sending letters or emails, etc. However, you can also use out of the box FUNdraising tactics to raise money!  

There are plenty of events and small FUNdraisers you can host prior to the Walk and raise money toward your Walk goal! If you’re a team captain, you can round up the troops and host a larger event! Here are some ideas:

  • ·         Host a special brunch and invite friends and family for a small fee.

  • ·         Host a movie night party and pick a certain word, maybe WALK, and every time someone says the word they have to put a dollar in a jar. The money collected in the jar will be donated to NAMIWalks.

  • ·         Host a special exercise class - Zumba, yoga, kick-boxing, etc. - and the fee charged to take the class will be donated to the NAMIWalk.

  • ·         Walkers who are great bakers can hold a raffle for one of their donors to win a cake or a baked good! A walker can decide on an amount, such as $10.00, and every time a friend donates the selected amount to the walker, he/she will give the donor a ticket and enter the person into a raffle. At the end of the Walk season, the walker will pick the winning ticket and prepare a delectable item for the person!

  • ·         Host a yard/garage sale and have the proceeds benefit your Walk efforts.

  • ·         Host a guest bartending night at a local restaurant or establishment and have the tips from the evening benefit NAMIWalks.

  • ·         Host a bake sale or a dessert auction at your office or school.

  • ·         Host a car wash at your office or school!

These are just a few out of the box FUNdraising ideas, as well as some great team building projects! Have FUN with your family, friends and NAMIWalk team mates with coming up with other FUN ways to FUNdraise!

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