Thursday, April 18, 2013

Keeping NAMIWalk Teams Engaged Throughout the Year!

NAMIWalk teams shouldn't get together only once a year to walk in the NAMIWalk; instead they should get together many times during the year! As a group, the team members should host FUN activities and gatherings so team members stay engaged and keep the momentum going. Hosting year-round happenings will help teams to grow and friendships to blossom, so when it comes time to walk in the NAMIWalk, the team will be excited and ready to raise funds and awareness!

Teams can host monthly or bi-monthly gatherings, such as:

Breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner at someone's home or at a restaurant
A night at the movies
Game/movie night at someone’s home
Attend a sporting event
Visit a museum
Take a bus trip to a FUN destination
Host a happy hour
Attend a theatrical performance or concert
Have a picnic or barbeque
Host a poetry night
Take a walk through a park
Take an exercise class
A trip to the beach or lake
The ideas are endless!

Team captains don’t always have to host each event; instead the team members can take turns. Remember, a team that plays together, not only stays together, but also raises more money and awareness together!

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